Anonymous hacks Russian TV channels & EV charging station with pro-Ukraine messages

Anonymous hacks Russian TV channels & EV charging station with pro-Ukraine messages

Anonymous hackers took the responsibility for the attack on Russian State TV channels on February 26th, 2022.

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective is not hiding its support for Ukraine over the ongoing conflict with Russia. In a video message published Feb 27th, 2022, Anonymous warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that there might be unprecedented cyberattacks targeting his country’s critical infrastructure.

Now, Anonymous, along with other hacktivist groups is carrying out different types of cyberattacks against the Russian government, media, businesses, and financial institutions. These attacks include defacement of websites, DDoS attacks, hacking into live TV transmissions and displaying pro-Ukrainian messages, etc.

Russian State TV channels hacked

In a video circulating on top Twitter handles run by Anonymous hacktivists it is being claimed that the group managed to hack several Russian State TV channels and deface/interrupt their ongoing transmissions with the Ukrainian national anthem. After the national anthem, the hacktivists broadcasted the events taking place in Ukraine.

Anonymous hacks Russian TV channels & electric charging station with pro-Ukraine messages
Anonymous on Twitter

EV charging station hacked

Thanks to a video posted on Twitter, can confirm that a cyberattack targeted what looked like an EV charging station in Moscow earlier today after which its service was interrupted.

The attack forced the station’s screen to display messages against President Putin and in support of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The screen also displayed a “Glory to Ukraine” message while people nearby were discussing the issue in the Russian language.

Watch as Anonymous hacks Russian TV channels – An electric charging station is also hacked in Moscow

Linux terminal & gas control system hacked

Anonymous has also claimed responsibility for hacking and taking control of a Russian Linux terminal and gas control system located in Nogir, North Ossetia.

A look at the screenshot of the attack circulating on Twitter shows attackers modified the dates and could have increased its gas pressure so much that it would turn into fireworks but they didn’t do it as a human controller promptly acted.

Another Twitter account of Anonymous claimed to have taken down the Chechen government website, which is still down. It is worth noting that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is an ally of Putin and has deployed Chechen forces to Ukraine in support of Russia.

Although unconfirmed, the group also posted an audio clip claiming it to be the communications between Russian military officials intercepted by Anonymous. The group has threatened the Russian government that these incidents will continue until the conflict is peacefully resolved.

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