Anonymous hacker indicted for revenge hacking of Australian intelligence websites

An Australian Anonymus hacker indicted for Australian intelligence websites’ revenge hacking – The accused has connections to the infamous Anonymous Online Collective

The News:

Anonymous Indonesian said to be involved in attacking numerous private Australian businesses and intelligence’ websites in 2014.

In a recent advancement into this matter it has been learnt that an alleged Melbourne-based member of Anonymous has been charged for committing revenge hacking of Australian intelligence agency websites.

The accused, namely Mathew John Hutchison, faced the Magistrates Court this week on the charge of urging Indonesian hackers’ online collective to attack the Australian Signals Directorate/ASIO and Australia’s overseas spy agency ASIS websites

Hutchison has been accused of two Commonwealth offences; “urging unknown person to commit an offence of causing an unauthorised impairment of electronic communication to or from a computer.”

The other charge is of possessing a laser pointer. He will be facing Committal Mention on 8th April, 2015.

Why Anonymous Attacked Australian Websites?

The alleged member of Anonymous is a 21-year-old male hailing from Melbourne’s western suburbs.

He is believed to be having contact with the Indonesian hackers, who were furious over the October 2013 revelations that the Australian Embassy in Jakarta was allegedly used for spying.

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Therefore, as an act of retaliation, the Indonesian hackers attacked numerous websites. Almost all the websites belonged to private businesses and organizations.

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The Video Connection:

According to the Australian Federal Police, Hutchison later uploaded a video that showed Anonymous’ Australian wing urging the Indonesian wing to target ASIS, ASIO and Australian Signals Directorate websites only.

The Video stated: “You have defaced many innocent Australian websites in an effort to protest against the Australian Government and their spy agency, ASIO.”

Via ABC 

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