Arrested Anonymous Hacker will serve 12 years in prison for hacking the Federal Reserve

A British individual has been accused of cracking into the servers of the Federal Reserves of U.S, and for stealing and online posting of confidential information.


The charges were announced by the U.S Attorney office and the indictment was sealed against the hacker. The hacker is named as Lauri Love and he was 28 when he was arrested back in October 2013 in UK.

  • The U.S attorney Preet Bharara gave a statement that Lauri Love is a sophisticated hacker who broke into Federal Reserve computers, stole sensitive personal information and made it widely available, leaving people vulnerable to malicious use of that information.”

The hacker carried out the attack during October 2012 and February 2013. It was the period during which the Federal Reserve servers of the U.S got hacked and the administration also admitted to this fact.

The initial credit for the hack was taken by some anonymous hackers group who stated that they have carried it out for avenging the death of Aaron Swartz who has an internet activist.

It has been alleged that a hackers group was communicating in some restricted chat room which was somehow cracked by the government. Love has been accused to have made certain statements about the hack in the chat room.

Prosecutors are of the view that Love used the Sequel Injection Technique to exploit the vulnerability of the Fed system, and injected a malicious code which allowed him to gain access to the information in the database.

After gaining access to the database, he has been accused to have posted the information such as the email, names and addresses of the users to a website which was previously hacked and was under his control.

The lawyer of love has told that her client is presently on bail in UK. He currently faces a sentence of about 12 years, in which ten year sentence is for carrying out the hacking, and the 2 years sentence is for theft with aggravated identity.

He has also been previously indicted by the federal prosecutors of the New Jersey back in October. He was then accused of hacking into the government networks which also included the U.S military systems. He also faces an imprisonment of 10 years for those charges made previously.

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