Anonymous Shuts Down Canadian Govt Websites Against Bill C-51

The online hacktivist Anonymous claimed responsibility for conducting DDoS attacks on Canadian government servers against the approval of anti-terror law C-51 that weakens Internet privacy. 

On 11th June 2015, we reported that Canada approved controversial anti-terror law C-51 that actually provides Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) immense powers as it can violate digital privacy of any one at any time in the name of countering terrorism.

Anonymous targets Canadian City, Police, Supreme Court against teen’s arrest


On Wednesday, Anonymous hackers took responsibility for shutting down the government owned websites including the online official portal, Department of Finance and Treasury Board, the department responsible for the day-to-day administrative duties of the federal public service.

The attack was conducted under the banner of #OpC51 and #BillC51.

Canadian Parliament member Tony Clement confirmed in a Tweet that there was indeed a cyber attack on Canadian government. 

On Wednesday, a video on YouTube claiming to be from the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility of the cyber attack against the approval of C-51.


We are in touch with Anonymous hackers behind this attack, stay tuned..!

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