Anonymous Steals 1 Terabyte Passwords From Expo 2015 in Italy

Anonymous Italian attackers continue to haunt the Expo 2015 Universal Exposition being hosted in Milan as it faces an array of attacks under the Operation Italy (#OpItaly).

There is a whole team force of hackers aimed at targeting systems of the organization and its affiliated companies and their latest prey is the online ticketing sale management company “Best Union”.

Anonymous Italy began on April 30, the day before the opening ceremony with a series of DDoS that hit the official website for the sale of tickets ( The cyber-attacks continued erratically for about two days.

The “hacktivists” are targeting the Expo 2015 to protest against the alleged corruption that has taken over the event as one of their twitter message also suggested. On May 1st, during a street mass protest against the EXPO 2015, Anonymous attacked the website Yet again.

A Tweet from Anonymous Italy with a screenshot of Best Union’s database: 

While the organization of Expo 2015 combated the attack aftereffects, Anonymous persistently carried on its operation, anonymous Italy published a new statement regarding their cyber-attacks against the organization calling the EXPO management “petty liars and incompetent” as according to them the site of the online ticketing service was out on the night of April 30, they challenged them with dire consequences, according to a report.

The hackers apparently of the Italian Wing of the collective, successfully attacked and impaired the website of the padiglioneitaliaexpo2015.

In their latest series of attacks against the service provided by the Best Union, they permitted the member of Anonymous Italy to steal data from the database of the server used by the company, the database dump estimated to have “1 Terabyte of stolen leaks” belonging to online ticket buyers, this seems to be a case of leaked passwords.

It is essential that precautionary measures must be taken to save people from further such cyber-attacks. Although, Anonymous doesn’t aim to harm innocent people it is a possibility that the data can be abused as some criminal group may start a phishing campaign by manipulating the Anonymous Italy attack and con users by putting them in jeopardy, as for now, Anonymous is going strong with their offenses against Expo 2015.


Italian police arrested four suspected Anonymous hackers Friday, accusing them of conducting cyberattacks on the Italian government and servers at Expo 2015. It seems the arrested hackers are the same guys who were behind stealing 1 TB data from Best Union.

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