Anonymous Hackers Vow to Shutdown IT System of Irish Government

Anonymous hackers from Ireland have vowed to target government of Ireland on 5th May 2015, shutting down its IT system and leaking confidential information online.

Now this can be termed as a clear cut threat to the Irish government. Anonymous, the notorious group of hacktivists, has posted on its Facebook page “Anonymous Ireland expect us” revealing its plan to “take down” the encrypted IT systems on 5 May.

The message also reveals that the hacker group will then obtain highly confidential and sensitive information and expose it to public for free.

Anonymous’ threatening post claims that its target is the “Dail Eireann” whereas the group warns that “All Dail’s information will be free to you.”

Furthermore, the message gives a final warning to the Irish government:

“2nd of May is your last warning Irish Government expect us.”

According to the government’s spokesperson, they are ready to deal with any occurring security breach and robust security systems are intact.


The PRO for the Houses of the Oireachtas, Verona Ni Bhroin, stated that “The Oireachtas Service is aware of a publicised threat to its ICT network.”

She further added that it uses numerous security systems and features for ensuring fool proof security of its ICT systems.

This can termed as a sequential advancement in the ongoing clash between Anonymous and the Irish government, which started with a video footage last October. In that two minute video entitled ‘#Anonymous message to the Republic of Ireland – Truth behind Irish Water charges’ Anonymous accused Irish government for stealing data and using threats for forcing implementation of water charges.

Addressing the “citizens of the Republic of Ireland,” a masked individual accused the government for forcing the payment of water bill using “extreme threats” supposedly including fines and water supply termination.

It was also stated in that video that: “As of the 1st of October 2014 the Irish government has embarked on an accelerated water metering programme to have them installed in 80 per cent of homes by 2016.”

“It is with great sadness and frustration to know that your crooked government is attempting to steal from you once again by charging you for the service of water being brought to your homes.”

“The government and Irish Water have been using extreme threats to force you to pay your water bills come January out of fear of billing fines and the cut-off of water supply to your household.”

“Anonymous have been watching. Your government is lying to you. It is not against the Irish law to refuse signing with Irish Water.”

“You are under no legal obligation to enter into a treaty with any private company against your will. It would run contrary to the constitution, Irish consumer law and European law and would therefore be completely unenforceable as no records containing such law are in existence.”

“Your meter is not your contract. You will not be made to sign anything. You, as a human, have the right to stand for a natural human resource. You should not be stripped of money to pay for water filled with neurotoxins.”

“The Republic of Ireland must rise as a nation and keep holding the fight for their access to free healthy water. The government are gaining fear as the power are in the hands of the public. Grab it and own it.”

“We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” 

Source: Independent Ireland.

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