Anonymous Hacks and Removes X-Rated Animal Abuse Websites

Anonymous hackers have started a new operation under the banner of #OpNullDenmark and #OpBEAST. The purpose of this operation is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and websites promoting bestiality content (sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal).

Though the operation is more active on Twitter, some Anonymous hackers decided to target such websites with DDoS and defacement.

On April 13th, 2015, Anonymous conducted a cyber attack, ending up defacing seven and removing six animal porn websites.  A deface page left by Anonymous is enough to deliver the message against the bestiality.


A Tweet from one of the active Anonymous handles on #OpNullDenmark and #OpBEAST shows the list of hacked and removed websites. 

Anonymous has vowed to keep targeting animal abuse sites along with on-ground protests and demonstration against the countries who allow bestiality.

More targeted are available in the following tweet:

At the time of publishing this article, all listed sites were hacked.

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