Anonymous Ecuador Hacks Official Twitter Account of Ecuador President

The official Twitter account of Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa was hacked  last Thursday with several anti-government tweets spammed over the social media.

The hacked Twitter account which has 1.45 million followers was found spamming messages against the government, containing links of Anonymous Ecuador’s website where official documents and emails uploaded by the hacktivists were published.

The hacked account was restored within 10 minutes and all Tweets were removed. After restoring the account, President Correa tweeted about the hack in following words:

  •  “Another example of what we face every day.”

It is unclear how hackers got access to president’s twitter account. However, most of the time; such hacks are done by using simple phishing techniques. 

AFP reports that a spokesman from Ecuadoran president office defined the hack as:

  •  “attack on internal security and on the president’s privacy.”


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