Anonymous Deface ISIS Twitter Accounts with Pornographic Content

Anonymous Linked Hacker Hijacks ISIS Supporters’ Twitter Accounts and Replaces Profile Pictures with Porn!

Reportedly, the Twitter handles of ISIS supporters have been receiving a massive number of pornographic posts. The reason? A hacker who seems to be associated with the world-famous hacktivist collective Anonymous has managed to take over Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters and extremists who propagate about the jihadist ideology of the terrorist organization using these accounts.

Not only this, the hacker also posted a number of inappropriate images (read PORN) and within no time, the accounts were flooded with pornographic content. A majority of the victims are from Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq.

The hacker has replaced the profile pictures of the hacked Twitter accounts with pictures displaying slogans like ‘I Love Porn’ and almost every profile picture contains an image of a scantily-clad woman in a sexually evocative pose. The hacker has been really creative this time as he/she has taken the time to post his/her personal statements as well. Such as in one tweet the hacker wrote:

“#DaeshBags are sure into porn lately #This ones from #Iraq #OpDaesh #Anonymous #GhostOfNoNation.”

Most of the posts from the hacker, who uses the nick WauchulaGhost, contain witty and somewhat humiliating content against ISIS followers. Currently, we have no information regarding how the hacker was able to gain access to so many ISIS supporters’ accounts or in total how many accounts have been hijacked.

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Anonymous Linked Hacker Hijacks ISIS Supporters’ Twitter Accounts and Replaces Profile Pictures with Porn!
Image Source: @WauchulaGhost/Twitter

In case you are wondering how are we so sure about this particular hacker’s association with the notorious hacker group Anonymous, then please be informed that the hacker’s own Twitter account has Anonymous included. This hints that the hacker is possibly linked with Anonymous’ network.

As far as the information about how the hacker identified so many supporters of ISIS, what we know so far is that the hacker singled out Twitter users who used ISIS hashtags in large numbers and were able to target hundreds of accounts within a few minutes.

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Needless to mention, these pornographic images have become porn bots, which automatically generate and post porn instead of tweeting and cannot be counted as spam or be deleted.

Please take note that after the Paris Attacks last year, Anonymous declared cyber war against the jihadist organization and also started a campaign against the Islamic State on social media by stating that:

“Our freedom is once again under attack… This cannot continue.”

“Following the attacks in Paris last November, we have fought daily against terrorism and we have silenced thousands of Twitter accounts directly linked to ISIS. We severely punish Daesh (another name for ISIS) on the dark net, hacked their electronic portfolio and stolen money from the terrorists.”

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