Anonymous Hacks Israeli Arms Importer Site, Leaks Massive Client Login Data

Online hacktivist Anonymous has breached into the website of an Israeli arm importer and manufacture Fab-Defanse ( and leaked login credentials plus personal details of its local and international clients/customers, including some government officers.

The latest cyber attack was conducted under the banner of OpIsrael.

After analyzing we found out that data is legit and never been leaked in past. The file contains site’s database, emails (along with their encrypted passwords), addresses, nicknames, usernames, personal phone numbers, registration date, country, company and titles. 

Anonymous also left a message for Israel in following words:

OpIsrael 2015, Hello Israel, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, we do not forget. Israel, Expect US.

Link of leaked data along with the database are available below:

In-depth Analysis:

Fab-Defense dealer locator page shows that they have 20 dealers in 24 different countries in Europe. 

One of the Austrian company (marked in red), according to the site goes with the name of ‘Consight Consulting GmbH’. 

After a simple ctrl + F function, it shows the company’s among the list of leaked data.

We tested names of almost all the countries and companies mentioned in the Fab-Defense’s site and found out the exact company name, address and phone numbers in the leaked data. (In some cases phone numbers have been changed)

Anonymous announced it will target Israeli cyber servers on 7th April 2015 till 20th April 2015. During the attack, Anonymous leaked Hundreds of Israeli FacebookSocial Media, Paypal credentials, defaced 100+ websites.

On April 11th, 2015, Anonymous hacked another International Israeli arm manufacture and importer, leaking thousands of login credentials online.

Another hacktivist group AnonGhost hacked Israeli credit cards and donated about $18,000 to pro-Palestinian charity for OpIsrael.

We have sent an email to FAB-Defense®. and waiting for their reply.

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