Anonymous Linked Team Hacks Kenyan Oil Firm Against Police Brutality

Anonymous backed World Hacker Team (WHT) breached the servers of National Oil Corporation of Kenya and leaked workers’ data against police brutality!

Anonymous doesn’t cease to make headlines this year. Only yesterday we learnt that it has topped the list of most active hacker group in the first half of 2016 and today we are reporting that World Hacker Team (WHT) has strike again.

Perhaps, the #OpAfrica campaign has entered its second stage because Anonymous pledged that very soon the second phase will be instigated in which high-profile firms and organizations will be attacked.

It’s never late to expect us: Anonymous

WHT is a small-scale subdivision of Anonymous. In the recent attack, WHT has managed to hijack the databases of National Oil Corporation of Kenya ( and also posted the data online as well as posted a screenshot to prove the legitimacy of their claim.

Screenshot shows Anonymous has access to the site’s CMS

The group shared a link with users that contained site link where the said data was available. It has been revealed that this particular data dump is nothing to worry about much because it is related to a survey management CMS. Apparently, the group found this data on the official website of National Oil Corporation.

There are basically two tables in this database dump one of which contains employee details of the company, who are those employees who could access the CMS. This table includes email addresses, usernames and email content of the employees along with their use ranks. The data include five admins. The other table also contains similar information but the number of users is higher, 218 to be precise and all appear to be employees of the Kenyan oil firm, as cited by Catalin Cimpanu of SoftPedia.

In an exclusive conversation with one of the attackers HackRead was told that:

“Lately, there have been several cases of police brutality in the country and Anonymous wants the Kenyans to know we are with them!”

One of the screenshots from the leaked data

The leaked data can be accessed using Tor Onion browser. This is not the first time when Anonymous has targeted Kenya’s oil and gas infrastructure. In March 2016, Kenya Petroleum Refineries LTD website was defaced for OpAfrica. That’s not all, Anonymous also leaked highly confidential communication and protocol data belonging to the Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We can expect an increment in similar data breaches in African regions despite the fact that this particular breach hasn’t been a devastating one. Probably Anonymous wants us to know that the operation hasn’t stopped yet.

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