Anonymous Hacks Milwaukee’s Charitable Bradley Foundation Network

Anonymous is claiming to have hacked the Charitable Bradley Foundation Network and leak confidential details about American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — Experts believe it’s a phony hack.

The Milwaukee-based charitable foundation has been hacked by the notorious hacker collective Anonymous.

The credit for this hack has been taken by famous “Anonymous Global” group by Tweeting about it this Tuesday. After posting on Twitter, the group released a letter that seemed to be sent by the Bradley Foundation administration requesting the concerned department to transfer $150 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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The hackers also leaked a trove of 30GB data which they claim belong to the foundation. But, the Bradley Foundation administration maintains that this particular document is not authentic. It is alleged that the hackers created fake documents to prove that the Clinton campaign received millions from the Bradley Foundation. However, creating 30GB of documents is not an easy job and it will require professional data scanning firm to find out if it’s real or not.

In a comment to Fox6Now, the hack attack on Bradley Foundation, according to UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee was fake and “really bizarre.” As per Lee, the attack on the charitable foundation’s network occurred on October 31st.

Anonymous Global is the same group who previously conducted massive cyber attacks on Mossad’s website against Gaza strikes back in 2014. The group also hacked Baltimore Police Department’s server and leaked personal details of police officers for operation #OpBaltimore.

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