Anonymous Hacks San Bernardino County Sheriff Support Site Against Police Brutality

Anonymous GhostSec hacktivists have attacked the official support website of John McMahon (, who is a severing Sheriff in the San Bernardino County Police, California.

Hackers have left several deface images and messages against the San Bernardino County Police for kicking and punching a man who led deputies on a pursuit in the high desert northeast of Los Angeles Thursday, April 9, 2015.

Anonymous has also redirected the social media and donate icons on the site to a YouTube video showing a man being beaten by sheriff’s deputies during an arrest after a horseback pursuit in the high desert northeast of Los Angeles.

Watch the video below:

A deface image showing Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask on Sheriff’s support site.

In an exclusive conversation with HackRead, Anonymous said that:

“Anonymous is against police brutality, we are against violence! We can’t let the police treat citizens like savages. San Bernardino County Police and Sheriff John McMahon should expect us.”

Hacked by Anonymous message pop-ups while visiting the site


A message against police

Anonymous GhostSec is the same group who was behind exposing a list of pro-ISIS Sites and Hosting Companies Protecting Them.


The targeted domain ( was created in support to elect John McMahon as the San Bernardino County Sheriff in 2012. Don’t mix the targeted domain with San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department website

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted website was still hacked.

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