Anonymous Hacks Thailand Police Server Against Internet Censorship

Thailand police servers are the latest in the online breaches — This breach is a part of the campaign (#OpSingleGateway) launched by Anonymous against the Thai government.

The server breach allowed Anonymous to leak private information regarding Thai officers and some evidence records.

#OpSingleGateway is a campaign launched by Anonymous activists to protest and attract the attention of bot the nation and international media against government’s internet censorship plans.

The Thai government has been trying to channel all the internet connections through a single gateway. Recent proposals to have asked the government to hand the gateway server to CAT (State-sponsored ISP).

What Anonymous feels is that the idea of single internet gateway might be something similar to China’s great firewall which has caused lots of privacy issues to the Chinese people.

But, it’s not only the Anonymous that is against the government but also the government’s detractors who believe by single internet gateway, the government would be in control of country’s entire internet traffic.

In October, Anonymous with the help of F5CyberArmy launched DDoS attacks against government sites and by the end of the month hacktivist group had launched their second attack but this time on CAT telecom which revealed the gateway internet access plan of the government.


Leaked data:

Anonymous uploaded the leaked data on a text-sharing site which is password protected so it is almost impossible to validate the data. However, Hacked claims that the data is authentic.

Screenshot from the leaked data

Hacked reports that with the data Anonymous left a note for the Thai officers which said:

“To prove our point we are demonstrating the inability of the Thai government to secure even their own police servers, it is pitiful and should worry all of Thailand,” reads the statement.“Your police are protecting their files with passwords like 12345; it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.”

It is too early to say if this cyber attack will force the government to give up with its censorship plans however it has increased the public awareness regarding the plan which was the prime aim of Anonymous’ campaign.

This is not the first time when Anonymous has targeted Thai government. In the past, the hacktivists also hacked Thailand Senate website against human trafficking.

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