Did Anonymous Hack Turkish Hospitals Resulting in Massive Data Breach?

A Youtube video with someone using Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask is claiming to leak patient’s data from after hacking hospital servers in Turkey!

A hacker claiming links with Anonymous hacktivist group has uploaded a Youtube video claiming to have hacked into the servers of Turkish medical institutions and leaked massive database from the systems. In the video, a figure wearing the standard Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask is heard saying that this cyber attack is an act of “revenge” against the hacking of two hospitals in the United States.

But, there is a twist to the story because the response from several Anonymous Twitter accounts is negative as they have completely denied any involvement with the recent cyber attack leading to the data leak as it affects the privacy of Turkish citizens. However, the damage has been done and the database is publically available on the Internet.

What’s going on?

A YouTube video message uploaded on May 17, 2016, claims to steal personal details of Turkish citizens from the databases of medical institutions in Turkey while destroying the original database stolen from North West Turkey. Upon scanning the leaked data HackRead found it to be legit and has never been leaked on the Internet before.

The leaked data is quite sensitive and can put patients lives in danger as it includes complete details of people who are HIV and women who have had an abortion.

Earlier a Turkish hacker had claimed responsibility of targeting computer systems of two hospitals in the United States with ransomware; however, researcher expressed their doubts over the claims. 

Response from Turkish government: 

As one can expect, the government always try to calm things down and same has happened in this case when the official spokesperson from the Ministry of Health confirmed the attack but denied large-scale damage. In a statement issued to the Hurriyet Daily News newspaper  the official claimed fairly minimal damage. However, things are far from the truth! The attack is large-scale and its impact will be long lasting.

This is not the first time when Turkish citizens have seen their privacy getting breached. In fact, just last month an unknown hacker leaked entire Turkish citizen database online, that’s about 49,611,709 people. In another attack, hackers hacked Turkish National Police and leaked personal details plus police records amounting to17 GB of data. You can read more about cyber attacks on Turkey by clicking here.

This cyber attack leaves a black spot on Anonymous community and shows how vulnerable their infrastructure is as they have no official spokesperson. Anonymous on one hand is known for their heroic cyber attacks but attacks like this leave several questions on the group’s legacy. 


Youtube has deleted the video posted by hackers. Once HackRead gets hold of new upload readers will be alerted. Stay tuned!

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