Whatsapp, Avira and AVG Anti-Virus Websites Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous Palestine

The official website of world’s most famous mobile messaging app Whatsapp, anti-virus giant Avira and AVG were defaced by newly emerging group of hackers from Palestine -KDMS.

Hackers claim they are connected with hacktivists Anonymous group.

The hackers left a deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, displaying Anonymous logo and a Palestinian flag. The defaced page was expressed in following words:

We want to tell you that there is a land called Palestine on earth, this land has been stolen by Zionist. Do you know it? Palestinian people have the right to live in peace. Deserve to liberate their land release all prisoners from Israeli jails. And, there is no full security, We can catch you!

It is unclear if the hackers got access to any sensitive data from Whatsapp’s database or from Avira and AVG anti-virus server. However, it seems as if the hacker used DNS hijacking technique to penetrate the servers and deface the sites with their own page. 

Deface page

At this moment I have the mirror link of Avira defacementother mirrors will be posted when available.

Just a month ago Google Palestine was hacked and defaced by Palestinian hackers.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were restored and working online.


Katie Han of AVG has confirmed in an official statement that their website was defaced as a result of DNS hijacking. You can go through full statement: 

AVG can confirm today that it has had a select number of online properties defaced as a result of our domain name system (DNS) registrar being compromised. A number of other companies appear to have been faced with the similar issue. The situation is being further monitored and assessed closely. Customers are our priority, the DNS records have been corrected and AVG is working hard to resume normal service levels to its customer base and continue to protect our customers and their privacy.” 


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