Alleged Anonymous Hacktivist Arrested for Hacking Texas County Website

alleged-anonymous-hacktivist-arrested-for-hacking-texas-county-websiteLast week the FBI had arrested an alleged hacker who they claim is a member of online hacktivist Anonymous group and took part in hacking the official website of Texas County Website.

His name is Fidel Salinas Jr, now in federal custody awaiting a detention hearing where Salinas is facing charges for breaching and hacking computers of Texas County Website without permission.

Texas County website was hacked in January 5th, 2013, since then the FBI was tracing the alleged hacker until last week when authorities got a tip and arrested Salinas.

The FBI claims that hacker confessed of having connections with Anonymous hackers as he often talked with the members of Anonymous. Authorities also told media that Salinas confessed to have broken into the Texas County website but claims it was only for site security check, to see if he can alert the site administrator over its security.


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