Anonymous Hacker ‘ItsKahuna’ Pleads Guilty to Hacking into Salt Lake City Police Website

An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of @ItsKahuna on Twitter from Ohio is all set to confess the cyber crime for which he was arrested few days back. He breached the security of one of the websites, which belonged to salt lake police. This site operated for five different cities namely: Utah, California, New York and Missouri. So, at the court he was charged for five different crimes.
According to an agreement with federal government he was the man would confess his crime in the court when he would be set for a trial. The hearing is all set to take place in August. This would result in 3-year imprisonment and a restitution of $230,000.

This man was part one of the Anonymous group involved in hacking of different sites. He was arrested in March 2012 by the police. He carried down all the attacks on the website during September 2011 and February 2012. He believed all the mischief he has done was illegal and had affected many people attached to the people belonging to this site, he said all this in following words:

  • Regarding all of these hacks, I knew that what I was doing was illegal,” the man stated in court records. I admit that I intentionally caused damage to protected computers by my conduct.”


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