Anonymous Declares Global Cyber War on U.S. Government against Hammond’s Sentence and NSA Spying


The online hacktivist group Anonymous has released a video, according to which the group has declared global cyber war on the government of United States against injustice, NSA‘s spying and 10 year sentence of a cyber activist Jeremy Hammond.

The video message is available below: 

In the message, Anonymous has requested that:

  • ‘People who follow Anonymous, do not deface U.S government websites, do not occupy any building or protest on ground as it has not bring them any legislative change whatsoever, We ask the people to be aware, let the war be handled by us (Anonymous).’

At the end of the video, Anonymous has made it clear that:

  • ‘This war is not against the people but on the government of United States and its policies. Since 2009 and before, the United States government has declared a war, a war on free press, on journalists, whistleblowers, activists, and people like yourselves.’

To read the complete message from Anonymous, click the above given Youtube video.


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