Anonymous claims leaking Passwords, credit cards details of PlayStaion, Xbox users

One of the Twitter account associated with the online hacktivists Anonymous has claimed to leak a list of what it says are usernames and passwords for 13,000 accounts from VPNCyberGhost, UbiSoft, VCC, Brazzers, UFC TV, PSN, Xbox Live Gamers, Twitch TV, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Dell, Walmart and (EA) Games.

@AnonymousGlobo twitter handle announced the leak on Friday just one day after Christmas.

The leak also contains credit cards numbers, expiration dates and their security codes

We have been covering leaks and cyber attacks conducted by @AnonymousGlobo for past couple of month and until now all their leaks and attacks were legit. We are scanning the data to check its authenticity and it may take a while to come up with the final word, but a data breach site claims the leaked data is fake.

The leaked data has been removed from almost every site but after a conversation with @AnonymousGlobo we were able to get hands on one live link. Users can click here to access the leaked data.

If the data is legit, this will be another blow for Sony’s PlayStation and Xbox Live users as both platforms have been under massive cyber attack by Lizard Squad hackers, forcing them to stay offline since Christmas. Users all over the world were welcomed with offline status while visiting their respective sites.

Though, it seems Anonymous has nothing to do with hacking Sony or taking down PSN or Xbox, yet it is keeping itself related to the news with Tweeting in support of Sony’s The Interview Movie.


After conducting an investigation with the assistance of a professional data breach company, we’ve found out the leaked data was actually copy paste from previous hacks and leaks.


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