Anonymous stands true to its words, leaks more data on alleged KKK members

The online hacktivist Anonymous released what they called a list of Ku Klux Klan members and sympathizers on Thursday.

As reported earlier, the Anonymous hacktivists are leaking personal information of the members belonging to the white supremacist Christian organization the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). 

Now, in the second phase of their OpKKK the hacktivists have leaked a trove of data of the alleged KKK members on Pastebin.

The leaked data includes full names, email addresses, related news articles, social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The leaked data is available on Pastebin.

During the first leak, the group exposed the credentials on Pastebin and claimed that four U.S senators have connections with the KKK. However, all four officials denied any affiliation with the KKK group.

There are rumors out there that Anonymous has nothing to do with the leaked KKK data. But, looking at the one of the largest Anonymous Twitter account (@YourAnonNews) it is unclear if such claims are based on facts or propaganda.

Anonymous and KKK has been in the cyber war for quite some time now where the hacktivists have always been in the commanding position, at one point they nearly dismantled the KKK group on the Internet by exposing many of the group’s members.

At that time, the war seemed to have stopped but a recent incident of an anonymous member’s girlfriend being harassed by a KKK member restarted the war.

From there on Anonymous has shut down many of the KKK’s sites and also has promised to expose 1000 KKK’s members.

Anonymous has a history of targeting racist websites. In the past, the hacktivists hacked and defaced the official website of Mississippi-based white supremacist organization The Nationalist Movement.

Stay tuned for more!

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