Anonymous Hacks Costa Rica’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs For OpPuraVida

Anonymous and supporters of the LulzSec group breached into the server of Cosa Rican government website for OpPuraVida.

The online hacktivist Anonymous Costa Rica along with the supporters of LulzSec group breached into the server of country’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and leaked login credentials of registered users. The breach was conducted under the banner of operation OpPuraVida (OpPureLife in English).

OpPuraVida is an ongoing operation which aims to target Costa Rican governments to mark protest against the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) between Harken Costa Rica Holdings – a firm with close corporate ties to Harken Energy of Texas, President Bush’s former oil company, and MKJ Xplorations of Metairie, LA. 

In an exclusive conversation with the hacker (Hanom1960 (@hanomlulzsec on Twitter) behind the breach, HackRead was told that:

”We are against CAFTA. It is based on the same failed neoliberal NAFTA model, which has displaced family farmers in trade partner countries, exacerbated the “race to the bottom” in labor and environmental standards and promoted privatization and deregulation of key public services.”

The hacker also explained what are the dangers of CAFTA on Costa Rica which we are sharing for our readers below:

What’s at Stake with CAFTA: Costa Rica’s Talamanca Coast

Costa Rica’s Talamanca region has one of the richest marine ecosystems on the planet. It contains reserves for three indigenous communities, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cahuita National Park, and a UNdesignated wetlands site at the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. According to the environmental review, offshore oil would threaten:

1 Key sea turtle breeding areas for the hawksbill, great-headed and endangered leatherback and green turtles.

2 The population of green turtles nesting off Toruguero is the largest in the Western Hemisphere, and leatherbacks off Gandoca have been increasing in numbers at an unprecedented rate since the protected area has been enforced.

3 Hundreds of fishing jobs and many more dependent on eco-tourism drawn to Caribbean coral reefs.

 4 Mangroves and wetlands that most likely would never recover from an oil spill.

Leaked Data:

After scanning the leaked data, we have found out that attackers leaked full names, ID numbers, phone numbers, emails and their encrypted passwords.

The official video from the group explains more about the OpPuraVida. 



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