#OpVendetta: Anonymous Calls for Massive Million Mask March on November 5th 2013


The online hacktivists from Anonymous have asked the people to join them on November 5th 2013 in a massive million mask march against the governments around the world in order to bring a change in society.

The important point about this protest is that hacking or defacing will not be a part of it. It will be a protest on ground.

Anonymous has also released a press release along with a video, giving an understanding and inviting people from all over the world to join them wherever they are.

Some part of the press release can be read below:

  • This November 5th 2013 we invite all of you all around the planet to show up at your places of prayer. and town squares. city halls. police headquarters. monuments parks bridges and or community centers. Do this for your children and do this for their children as well. Do this to take back your god given rights and freedoms. every person who is sick and tired of the now put in place police states that are backed up by grossly corrupt governments is invited.

Full preview of press release and Anonymous video is available here.

Remember that Turkish hactivists from RedHack have already joined hands with Anonymous on 5th November to handle million march on 5th November in Turkey.


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