Anonymous NB65 Claims Hack on Russian Payment Processor Qiwi

The Anonymous affiliated Network Battalion aka NB65 group has allegedly targeted a Russian payment processing platform Qiwi and leaked 7 million payment card data as proof of hack.

On May 1st, 2022, NB65, one of the Anonymous affiliate hacktivist groups published a tweet in which it claimed to have gained access to Qiwi’s databases for operation OpRussia. For your information, QIWI plc is a Russian giant that provides payment and financial services in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

It is worth noting that NB65 is the same group that had hacked Russian state-run television and radio broadcaster VGTRK aka All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in April 2022 and leaked 786GB worth of data online.

As for the attack on Qiwi, NB65 also tweeted that it managed to extract 10.5TB of data comprising 30 million payment records and filtered 12.5 million credit cards of Qiwi customers. The group also posted a statement revealing that the attack was aimed at disrupting the Russian financial system.

“Qiwi, in your last press release, you clearly stated that the sanctions against the Russian financial system did not affect your business in any way. Well, it will definitely affect your business.”

NB65 – Anonymous

NB65 also stated that they encrypted the platform’s networks with a ransomware kit. Furthermore, the group threatened to release one million records every day after the 3-day contract period expires, and the platform fails to reach out to them.

Tweets sent out by NB65 (Image:

As seen by, on May 5th, 2022, NB65 tweeted two download links and claimed that they contain “7 million card numbers along with the full table of payment records.” Although one of the links was expired, here is what the functional download link contained:

Alleged payment card data with expiry date stolen from Qiwi (Image:

Qiwi Denies Hacking Claim

In a statement to TASS Russian News Agency, Qiwi denied the claim that NB65 hacked the platform. The company also said that its payment services are functioning normally, and customer data is also safe.

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