Anonymous Relaunches #OpCanary, Targets Canadian Mining Firm

BCGold Corp Becomes the Newest Victim of Anonymous’ Operation Against Multinationals

A few years ago, the infamous hacker group Anonymous launched #OpCanary against MNCs but somehow this particular campaign couldn’t strike a note with the public mainly because it was a bit too heavy to digest. But that was then, today, it’s a completely different picture. Now, Anonymous has revived that operation and the hacktivists are all out to make it a success this time.

Operation Canary introduction video

So, the latest victim of #OpCanary is a Canadian multinational firm called BCGold Corp. It is primarily a mining firm and focuses on gold and copper mining.

The hacktivists hacked the website of BCGold Corp and defaced its home page but no massive data breach or theft was conducted. In fact, we can consider it an effort channeled to bring to the limelight the #OPCanary campaign. After gaining access to the server of the website, Anonymous’ members left behind the video of Rick Astley’s hit number “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


But why is Anonymous after the Multinationals?

The reason is the human rights abuse that takes place at multinational corps especially at mining industries, as per the hackers. In this regard, Canada-based industries are the group’s foremost target because they believe that “89% of all global mining equity financing is done on Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange and 75% of the world’s resource corporations are registered in Canada,” reports Softpedia.

The hacktivists at Anonymous are also against the governments that are supporting MNCs.

In case you are wondering why mining corps are the main focus of Anonymous then you might get your answers from this statement that the hacker group published in November 2015.

“Canadian government and judiciary shield their global mafia from accountability from their human rights abuses and environmental destruction worldwide.”

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