Anonymous Starts Operation Black October To Target Banking Sector

It’s time to Pull your Money Out of the Banks- Suggests the Online Hacktivist Group — Anonymous Takes Hacktivism to Another Level.

The online hacktivist group Anonymous known for targeting government servers has now shifted its focus on the financial and banking sectors.

Using its conventional approach, the group announced the launching of its latest campaign the Operation Black October through a YouTube video.

The hacktivist urged people to take out all their money from the banks as soon as possible.

Objectives to be achieved:

Several goals of this operation have been identified by Anonymous and the group has encouraged users to:

* Empty all your bank accounts

* Do not use debit or credit cards

* Make cash payments only

* Not to forget, spread the word

This operation appears to be the Main Campaign of Anonymous in October.

The group apparently has dedicated its efforts to identifying and highlighting the corrupt attitudes within the banking and finance sectors. Anonymous’s approval of alternate solutions like Bitcoin is not hidden from anyone despite the fact that it wasn’t mentioned in the video.

The construction of Bitcoin makes it appealing to not just social outcasts and hackers but also the banking sector.

As per news reports from the previous weeks, nine of the largest banks in the world were considering the creation of their personal blockchain servers.

Blockchain server is among the primary technologies used to create bitcoin digital currency.

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