UPDATE: 13k PSN, Xbox leak by Anonymous is copy paste from previous leaks?

Yesterday, aTwitter account associated with the online hacktivists Anonymous claimed to leak a list of what it said were usernames and passwords of 13,000 accounts from VPNCyberGhost, UbiSoft, VCC, Brazzers, UFC TV, PSN, Xbox Live Gamers, Twitch TV, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Dell, Walmart and (EA) Games.

We promised an in-depth analysis of the leaked data and an update, and here it is:

So we got in touch with a professional data breach company to investigate if the data is real or taken from somewhere else and what we plus the company found out is available below:

Based on Hacked-DB analysis, the overall compromised data was collected from various data breaches and hacks in the past year. Check the detailed report below. (Original link of the data leaked by Anonymous is available here)

Compromised data details and past hacks:

(2 Sources detected):
Detection date: 14/06/14
Compromised data: User accounts/passwords
Detection date: 28/09/14
Source: http://leakforums.org/thread-365164

??CyberGhost VPN:

Detection date: 23/04/14
Source: http://hukd.mydealz.de/freebies/1-000-cyberghost-premium-keys-1-monat-g%C3%BCltig-345650
Compromised data: Premium VPN keys


Detection date: 19/06/14
Source: http://siph0n.in/exploits.php?id=1188
Compromised data: User accounts/passwords/oauth/Credit cards
Detected date: 03/14
Underground forum
Info: 7 Million credit cards compromised by Ukrainian hackers

??Porn websites login:

Detection date: 06/11/14
Source: http://pastebin.com/LXGUJw95


Detection date: 10/11/14
Source: http://pastebin.com/15RL0ju8

??XBL gamers:

(2 Sources detected):
Detection date: 23/06/12
Source: http://leakforums.org/thread-3874

??Hulu plus:

(2 Sources detected):
Detection date: 10/10/14
Source 1:
Compromised data: User accounts/passwords
Detection date: 16/11/14
Source 2: http://pastebin.com/kWtGWyPj


Detection date: 23/04/14
Note: there are some new accounts that were not detected in the past leak.


Mixture of previous data breaches including the big 5 Million Gmail accounts and other leaks such as:

Another detected leak which contains a significant amount of the 13K hack posted in LeakForums website.
Source: http://leakforums.org/thread-392545

Based on our and Hacked-DB’s analysis, the overall compromised data was collected from various data breaches and hacks in the past year; hence PlayStation, Xbox Live, Amazon, Dell, Walmart etc users have nothing to worry about.

If you have any question contact us on Twitter or @hacked_db.

About Hacked-DB:

Hacked-DB offers companies and users the unique ability to find out if they have been hacked and to what extent their email information has been compromised.

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