Anonymous Takes Down Sites of Indian Ordnance Factories, Telecom Portal, & Haryana Govt for #OpIndia

#TangoDown, The Anonymous hackers have taken down three Indian government owned websites for their ongoing operation by the name of #OpIndia.

The news was announced by Anonymous An0nPun1shm3nt 404 himself on Twitter,who claims responsibility for attacking all three websites. 

anonymous-An0nPun1shm3nt 404

The websites were taken down as a result of DDoS attack, the targeted sites includes that of Indian Ordinance Factories organisation, Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal and the website of Haryana State Counseling Society (Under Department of Technical Education, Government of Haryana).

Indian Ordinance Factories organisation:


Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal:

Telecom Commercial Communications-down Haryana State Counseling Society:


Anonymous India has taken down and hacked several other Indian websites in past few weeks, which includes the website of BSNL, ShivSina and the website of Indian Information Technology Minister.

At the time of publishing this article, all three websites were offline and displaying Error Message. 

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