Anonymous Targets Canadian Police, Crashes RCMP’s Website

This week, on July 17th, there was a police-involved shooting in Dawson Creek, British Columbia Canada, where one of the members of hacktivist group Anonymous was killed.

On the following day, members of the international activist group Anonymous reportedly claimed that they have crashed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP’s website as a part of a battle to retaliate their decreased “comrade.” They have also threatened to expose the identity of the RCMP officer who was involved in the shooting.

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The Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia (IIOBC) said that right outside the Fixx Urban Grill there was a man wearing Anonymous hacktivist mask approached police officer in an aggressive style.

What Actually Happened

Police said that they were called because of a reported disturbance in the area. After entering the vicinity, they bumped into a masked man who denied to obey the officer’s directions because of which he was fatally shot.

Location, where the man was shot dead by a police officer, was a British Columbia Hydro where the argumentative Site C Dam Project was being discussed. The first tweet by the Anonymous group after shooting scene says, “we would like to report a murder.”

‘Hoodie Bill’: New law against masks aimed at Anonymous, say members

According to the Cybersecurity expert Claudiu Popa, it is easy for any experienced hacker to crash a website through an attack known as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS). The attacker drives an unexpected flow of online traffic to the target website, which floods the server and forces it to crash.

The Doxing Threat

The hacktivist group has already threatened to “dox” the police officer who was involved in the killing.

Doxing is an activity in which the hacker searches for the target’s personal information and then publicizes those details, leaving the targeted person vulnerable to cyber attacks.

We are Anonymous, Expect us!

Popa said, “Doxing is intended to punish someone.” He further added, “Not only does it impact that one individual that’s being targeted, but also his or her family.” Which means the overall impact of a doxing attack can be devastating.

Denial of service attack was just a beginning by the Anonymous group, but the effects can be more disturbing if they followed their threat to ultimately expose the identity of the RCMP police officer.

Stay tuned for more on this one..

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