Anonymous Targets Italian Healthcare Sites Against ADHD Treatment

Anonymous defaced four Italian healthcare websites and also dumped data on the Internet — Anonymous is not happy with the government’s stand on the way ADHD patients are being treated.

The Italian breach of online hacktivist group Anonymous conducted a cyber attack on four Italian healthcare websites and defaced them with a message of their own.


The attack was conducted on 21st August 2016 under the banner of operation #OpSafePharma in which Anonymous Italia and AntiSec-Italia not only did the defacement but also leaked data from two among the four targeted websites.

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The attack was announced by Anti-Sec on their official Facebook page however it was Catalin Cimpanu of Softpedia who reported the incident first and according to his findings, Anonymous is furious over the Italian government’s stand on ADHD  (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) that reportedly includes support of heavy doses upon mildest signs.

Screenshot shows AntiSec-Italia posted the data on their Facebook page

Leaked Data:

The leaked files were scanned by a cyber security company SenseCy who found out that the hacktivists leaked about 2.5 GB of data, stolen from the databases of two prominent Italian healthcare institutions, and provided links to file-sharing platforms where they uploaded the dumps. The leaked data contains documents, CVs of the physicians, administrative executives working in the facilities and personal documents of a patient who applied to be treated by a different physician.

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According to SenseCy team:

Our assessment is that this latest iteration of #OperationSafePharma originates more from a one-time opportunity window that the hacktivist group AntiSec-Italia spotted in vulnerable websites associated with Italian medical centers and hospitals, than a concerted effort by multiple Anonymous-affiliated collectives to launch a massive hacktivist campaign against the Italian healthcare sector as a whole. We base this assumption on the analysis conducted using our automated SMA (Social Media Analytics) toolset, which indicated a spike in the activity of the attackers.

Sample data shared by SenseCy

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The operation #OpSafePharma originally started in March 2016 and relaunched in June 2016 with the intention to protest against the Italian government, healthcare and pharma industry on their treatment of ADHD. Previously, the same hacktivists conducted a series of DDoS attacks on Italian healthcare websites.

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