Anonymous Targets NYPD Captains Union Website with Malware

On Friday, a cyberattack on NYPD captains union website infected it with malware and forced it to shut down.

According to union officials, the infamous hacker group Anonymous is behind this attack since it openly supported the Occupy Wall Street movement and also got involved in an online dispute with ISIS.

Roy Richter, the Union’s president, in a letter addressed to the members wrote that

“There are indications the attack on our website was orchestrated by a group identifying themselves as “Anonymous” who have a history of targeting police websites across the country.”

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Richter further wrote that the union never stores personal information about its members on the website and that “confidential information has been compromised.”

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He also notified the members that the union was upgrading security protections of its website and that the attack was more of an irritation than a threat.

The group’s nomination doesn’t come as a surprise since Anonymous has previously been involved in several such attacks on prominent governmental websites. In 2012, the group attacked the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association’s website and published the credit card data and addresses of its members.

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According to Spuniknews on Sunday, Anonymous’ spokesperson said that the group is not involved in this attack but added that the cyberattack was “expected” because the department “target” and “abuse” the citizens it is supposed to protect.

“We’re unaware of any current action against the NYPD but any attacks should be expected in response to their systematic targeting and abuse of the very people they’re supposed to protect,” said the group’s spokesperson.

However, according to our personal investigation, some Anonymous members are claiming the attack was indeed conducted by the them against recent corruption within the NYPD.

“Big time yes!. has feed news concerning a victim of the nypd police. A call to attack. Anonymous is responsible because of recent corruption within the NYPD,” revealed @anonycosmo.

Lately, the New York Police Department has received immense criticism for racial profiling and brutality post the death of African American Eric Garner in July last year. He died in a chokehold directed by a white police officer from NYPD.

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