Anonymous Targets Thai Govt, Leaks Data from State-owned Telecom Firm

Anonymous, the world famous hacktivist group, has now declared war on the Thai government due to its implementation of single internet gateway consolidation policy.

CAT Telecom Pcl, the premier telecommunication website of Thailand, became the first target of Anonymous’ rage.

CAT is a state-owned telecom firm that has been selected by Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the cabinet members to control the future gateway.

“Thai Govt Should Have Expected Anonymous”

Early morning on Friday, the Twitter accounts of Anonymous hackers displayed some portions of the stolen data and claims that it stole thousands of CAT customer accounts information such as login ids, passwords and Thai government officials’ IDs, names and numbers.

For several hours, the CAT website remained down this Thursday. Later, on Friday, the website’s homepage was back to its normal operation.

Anonymous claims that the group managed to steal confidential details about the Thai government’s single gateway plan, which according to the hacktivist collective is a big breakthrough.

The information was posted on Twitter from two of the accounts Anonymous regularly uses:

The post read:

“The latest project of the Thai military government is to deploy a single gateway in order to control, intercept and arrest any persons not willing to follow the Junta orders and your so called moral.”

Previously, Anonymous had informed about launching the “Operation Single gateway” against the Thai government.

The reason behind the launching of this operation was to show disagreement with the government over its plan to control the internet traffic via implementing single gateway.

This statement was posted along with hashtag #OpSingleGateway. The full statement can be read here:


The single gateway consolidation policy of Thai government is being dubbed as the “Great Firewall of Thailand” and details about it were disclosed when a cabinet document was leaked last month.

According to critics, this policy is aimed at helping authorities control whatever the government deems “inappropriate” on the web including lese majeste.

This is not the first time when Anonymous has targeted Thai government websites. In May 2015, Anonymous breached into the official website of Thailand Senate and Public Health Ministry, ending up leaking login credentials against country’s alleged support for human trafficking.

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