Anonymous Threatens Turkey for Putting RedHack on the List of Terrorist Organizations

News.Softpedia came up with an interesting update on hackavist groups like Anonymous and RedHack, according to which Anonymous hackers have threatened Turkey for adding RedHack group on the list of terrorist organizations.

Turkish government added the hackavist group into the list of terrorist when its Ministry of Foreign Affairs website was defaced by the group. Right after the hack, the country’s officials announced that they would put the group on the list of terrorist organizations.

When the news was announced, Anonymous retaliated and released a statement against the Turkish government and in support of RedHack.

  • Hello, Turkey. We are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that you are preparing to include the Redhack Team into the “Terror Organisations” list.
  • The Socialist group RedHack brought down the Turkish Foreign Ministry website yesterday morning, replacing its contents with pictures showing the Turkish prime minister embracing former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assang: “Ministry of War and Slavery, not Foreign Affairs.” A caption for the pictures read: “Brothers yesterday, enemies today”
  • The investigation into the group has reached a critical position.
  • The prosecutor who is already conducting a comprehensive investigation into the group, are preparing to include them into the “Terror Organisations” list. Prosecution Office confirmed in his report to the Anti-Terror Branch, that the group has a Marxist-Leninist manifesto. He has consulted the Anti-Terror branch if this group can be treated within the penal code as a terror organisation.

After the official announcement by Turkish government, RedHack Team’s official twitter account was suspended in less than 24 hours. However it is yet unsure if the Turkish Government had requested Twitter or it was US embassy in Ankara that contacted Twitter for suspending the twitter account.

When Turkish officials were asked about their decision, they told that there was no other option because as a result of the  hack attack on Turkey’s Foreign Ministry, the identities of 821 foreign diplomats and bureaucrats were published on Dropbox by the hackers. However  The Dropbox folder where detailed were stored was also removed.

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  1. Now that is how Turkey gets rid of their adversaries like the Kurds by including them on a “so – called” terror list.  Unfortunately, the USA and other countries have gone along with Turkey’s propaganda because they have what USA wants and that is access into Middle Eastern countries (or so they think) America makes a mistake of allow their wild child Turkey to do as they please simply because they are part of NATO.  Turkey’s military is controlled by the USA, but lately Gulen has tried to infiltrate. 
    Lets see who wags what tail. 

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