Anonymous To Target Chinese Police Sites Over Missing Bookseller

Missing Bookseller Case Compels Anonymous’ Hong Kong division to attack Chinese police websites

The infamous hacking group Anonymous’ Hong Kong division has vowed to hack Chinese police official websites as well as government websites.

This statement has arrived by the international hacktivist collective to show resentment towards the alleged abduction of Hong Kong’s bookseller by Chinese authorities.

What happened was that Lee Bo, a Hong Kong publisher and shareholder of the Causeway Bay Bookstore, went missing all of a sudden. His wife stated that Lee just vanished after he left for the warehouse of the bookstore.

Later, she received a call from him via a Shenzhen number and Lee Bo told her that he was “assisting in an investigation,” according to HongKong Free Press.

It must be noted that the Causeway Bookstore is well-known for publishing indecent tales about the personal lives of Chinese leaders and the Communist party’s internal power discrepancies without any credible proof.

Recently, Lee’s other four colleagues also went missing in Thailand and the mainland.

This series of abductions has naturally stoked fear within Hong Kong and Beijing is unanimously being accused of the abductions, which seem to be an onset of a crack down on Causeway Bookstore.

Therefore, Anonymous’ HK division was quick to respond and uploaded a video on its Facebook account, in which the group pledged that all “CCP websites” will be attacked over this incident.

The message also stated that:

“We cannot tolerate the China police who violated the section ‘One Country Two Systems’ and robbed those five Hong Kong citizens.”

The group also warned readers not to purchase books through Causeway bookstore because its website has been compromised and buyers information will instantly reach the third party.

The message was posted on Sunday and as of Monday, there haven’t been any information or news about the hacking of government libraries and Chinese police websites.

This is not the first time Anonymous is going after Chinese police. Last year, the hacktivist group hacked Chinese police website for arresting and not allowing protesters to demonstrate their issues.

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