Anonymous Vows To Leak Personal Information of 1,000 KKK Members

The online hacktivist Anonymous is planning to leak personal information of around 1000 members of the white supremacist Christian organization the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Last year, anonymous gave a brutal response to Ku Klux Klan when they threatened the Ferguson protestors.

Many of KKK’s websites went offline; members were exposed (their identities were made public) and twitter accounts of many its members were hacked. Sensing the potential danger, many of the KKK’s members left the group and the group nearly dismantled.

The warfare didn’t end there; recently, an activist Conover Kennard (who owns the blog “FreakOutNation”) was defamed by one of the KKK’s members (Thomas Klan). Kennard was friends with one of the members of the Anonymous group, when he saw her friend humiliated, he planned for revenge and shut down several KKK and other racist sites. But, Thomas even after the attacks didn’t give up and continued humiliating her until his twitter account got suspended.

Now Kennard’s friend in Anonymous has announced that he will be exposing the identity of 1000 KKK’s members. Anonymous group recently hacked into one of the hate group’s account and from that they will be able to unmask 1000 members of KKK.

These identities will be revealed on a special occasion that is the anniversary of @OpKKK. The anniversary date is somewhere in November so KKK members could expect worse to come in November.

Here is a detailed press release from Anonymous:

In another press release, Anonymous warned if any attack of humiliation like the Kennard one is ever seen again it will lead to more attacks on the websites and anything promoted in relation to KKK’s group will also be taken down.

KKK Should Expect Anonymous

“Anything you upload will be taken down, anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down.” A statement from the group

The also had a special message for Klan:

“You messed with our family and now we will mess with yours…”

Here is a video on how Klan fallout after the #OpKKK:

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