Anonymous Hacks World Trade Organization, leaks personal data of thousands of officials

Keeping Anonymous hackers out from news is simply impossible, the hacktivist movement is active 24 x 7 and you can always expect them to drop their cyber bomb on anyone at anytime — Just like today when WTO is under attack by Anonymous.

One of the hacktivist leading Anonymous movement on Twitter just breached the World Trade organization’s website and leaked its database along with personal data of thousands of its members from around the world.

In an exclusive conversation with Anonymous, HackRead was told that the method used for breaching WTO website was simple SQL injection and the site has a lot of data to download. 

There were over 53000 users names, phones etc. I have hacked it for the second time today and this is second time when they have changed their system because of my hack.

The targeted vulnerable domain was which deals with WTO E-Learning hub for online courses on international trade law and other trade-related matters.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the data leaked by Anonymous:

We at HackRead analyzed the data and found it to be legit and never been leaked before on the Internet. 

Leaked Admin info:

We found that the leaked data contains site’s database and login credentials of 58 admins. The data includes first and last names, phone, numbers, fax number, titles and email addresses of site administrators. 

Another table contains personal information of about 34 more admins.

Leaked Candidates’ info:

The leaked data contains date of birth, first and last names of 80 candidates. (We are not sure if the candidates’ data was stored for job interviews or events related activities).

Leaked Officials/Staff info: 

The second file contains massive leaked data. After analyzing, we found login and other personal information of WTO’s staff and officials from around the world. 

The data contains full names, ids, emails, IP addresses, phone numbers, job titles/positions, country names, names of the embassies where the officials are currently working, postal codes, supervisor names, language details and registration numbers of around 2100+ officials and staff members. 

We are here to hack and destroy your all systems! Expect us.

List of countries who are impacted by the breach includes Brazil, France, India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Santo Domingo, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States and several more. 

The leaked data has been divided into two parts and available below:

The Anonymous hacker behind hacking the WTO is the same hacker who previously hacked two major Israeli arm dealers/importers and leaked thousands of client login data online.


The hacker has requested us not to mention his Twitter handle for security purposes.

If you have any question about the latest breach feel free to contact us.

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