Anti-Virus’ Giants including Avira & ESET hacked, database leaked by #NullCrew

Null Crew who have been taken down some major servers these days, have now released data from an attack on some big time cyber giants, In an announcement made by #NullCrew on their official Twitter account, the official servers of multiple Anti-Virus giants were hacked and their databases are leaked online.

Among the hacked servers, some major big fishes of cyber security are included, for example Norman SandBox, Avira, Eset, Bitdefender, CyberDefender, GFI SandBox, Kaspersky Lab, NoVirusThanks, Panda Autovin and Symantec etc.

The leaked data contains information realted to the web servers of the anti-virus companies, their IP addresses, server location, administrative and network details.

Leaked data along with complete details of database can be found on:

The #NullCrew is known for its high profile hacks and database leaks, a couple of days ago the crew hacked and leaked database of Telecom Giant Orange, before that Sony Mobile website was hacked and data was made public.

It doesn’t matter which company it is or how secure their server is, the hackers have their own ways and uncountable skills to gain access and bypass the security.


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  1. this not actually a hack. they took simply the output from avtracker – stole someone elses work.

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