Scammers Threatening Users with Apple ID Suspension Phishing Scam

New day, new phishing attack! This time, it’s the Apple id which has been used by the attackers to steal from the innocent users.

A phishing email has been discovered alerting Apple users that their Apple ID would be suspended if they do not complete a verification within time.

The email further states that the user supposedly didn’t respond to a previous warning email and now it is compulsory to click on “verify now” button to complete the pending verification.

The “verify now” is the phishing link and of course, the email is not from Apple itself but a complete scam. The link in the email looks similar to the official Apple login page. Once the users enter their login details they are taken to another page where they are asked to put details relevant to their personal and financial information.

The data is then sent to criminals who may carry out fraudulent purchases. One tricky thing about this phishing scam is that in the case of any information is in the wrong format the page shows Apple’s official looking error messages and asks the user to enter the correct data.

This phishing scam is similar to the one reported last month in which scammers sent fake emails to Apple users about the implementation of a limitation on their accounts due to security reasons.

Example email:

The email comes from [email protected]


Hoax-Slayer found out that if the users try to test the scam with false data in the field, they are directed to a pre-configured Google search page having X-rated content.

HackRead urges its readers to watch out and keep themselves away from such scams. In case you are targeted with a phishing scam report it at [email protected].

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