Apple iPad 4 Review (A tweak of Apple iPad 3rd Generation)

The release of Apple iPad 4 is not a generation of a new idea or something like it in the world of iPad but a way of consoling the angry Apple fan who were in serious anger by the launch of  Apple’s third generation iPad. But according to the critics the fourth generation of iPad is more of the tweak of the third generation. So, let’s find it is worthwhile to upgrade from iPad third generation to fourth generation by having a review of a this newly launched device.


iPad 4 has been enabled with a A6X powerful processor that which according to the apple has doubled the processing speed of the device in comparison to the previous generation of iPad. This feature has been tested and has been proved right by running a number of apps and games on the device and speed has been certainly doubled. But the main concern is the battery time which 10 hours without any use and maximum 7 hours with continuous usage of the device. But, far better then the one tablets are having.

Bright snapper

The rear camera is same as 3rd generation of iPad i.e. 5 mega-pixel. It has always been difficult to snap photos on an iPad but it’s always to have something to snap some cheerful moments. The snapper takes out some of the bright photos you would have ever experienced. The fourth generation has an improved front camera experience having 1.2 mega-pixel lens.

 Credits: Slashgear

4G Support

The fourth generation of iPad has been enabled with 4G LTE support which was not involved in the 3rd generation. Although, in 3rd generation 4G support was available in the US but not in UK but in the fourth generation device it’s fully on for having faster streaming of media.

Quite similar in shape

If you keep the previous generation iPad and the new one you would never know the difference among them. Only difference is the charger port, the charger port of this generation is much thinner in comparison to previous one. Weight is also similar to what other generation was having, the same, heavy and chunkier weight which previous generation was having. This makes iPad a difficult to handle outside home. Devices like iPad mini and nexus 7 are far better to be used outside home. The retina screen display of iPad 4 is certainly awesome for the display of HD pictures, which look like being real when being run on big retina screen.

 So, opinion from the team of HackRead for you would not to go for this upgrade as  there is nothing which comes out as unique in this generation of iPad. So, our advice is to go for some other upgrade from some other brand or another one from Apple inc.

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