Apple users hit with KYC Validation/iCloud ID review phishing scam

A fake email supposedly sent by ‘Apple Genius Assistance’ informs that users need to review their Apple ID information within 2 days because Apple wants to perform account verification as per “KYC legislation.” Don’t fall for it — It’s a phishing scam.

Another day another phishing scam. An email titled Apple KYC Validation has been circulating on the web nowadays claiming that you need to review your Apple ID data in two days’ time.

It is also claimed that the email has been sent by ‘Apple Genius Assistance’ and the firm needs to verify user accounts to meet the requirements of law under “KYC legislation.” KYC is an abbreviation of “know your customer” which is a method of set of guidelines that is utilized by businesses for verification of customers’ identity.

Users are warned in the email that if they fail to comply with the company’s demand then it will result in “deletion of their Apple and iCloud” accounts.

Example Emails: 

Yes, you guessed it right! It is yet another phishing scam involving Apple Inc., and the aim of scammers is to trap users and obtain their personal and financial data.

Once you click on the link provided in that email, you will be redirected to a fake website where you will be requested to login using your Apple ID credentials. After this, another fraudulent form will pop up asking for credit card and contact details.

Obviously this info will be used by cybercriminals for hijacking your Apple ID so that they could conduct fake transactions and perform identity theft.

Follow these simple steps to avoid yourself from getting in trouble:

Don’t open any suspicious or unknown email | Don’t download any attachment from emails sent by unknown senders | Don’t click any link available in unknown email | Do some Google search before opening a suspicious email. 

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