Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 to Patch Wi-Fi, Thunderstrike Vulnerability

For all Macs that have been running the OS X Yosemite, Apple has now released a new update which is the OS X 10.10.2 bringing quite a big number of fixes as well as a patch for the Thunderstrike vulnerability.

The fixes that Apple has announced include several recent issues such as:

* The Wi-Fi disconnection problem

* Slow-loading web pages

* The Spotlight issue that loaded email content although user had disabled the option in Mail

* Audio and Video sync for Bluetooth headphones

* The inability to browse iCloud Drive in Time Machine

* VoiceOver speech performance

* The echo of characters in VoiceOver when entering text into a web page

* Languages switching suddenly

* Stability and security issues in Safari

As for the Thunderstrike vulnerability, this recent update also included a patch that would keep Macs safe from malware that were using the Thunderbolt port.

Google’s Project Zero research program had also discovered three other vulnerabilities in the Yosemite and Apple’s update includes fixes for all three of them as well. Apple also claims that this release will also fix the Wi-Fi bug that Yosemite has had ever since its launch. Previous updates had failed to patch this issue and now users will have to wait and see if the OS X 10.10.2 will fix it once and for all.

Mac users looking to get the update can download it on the Mac App Store through the Software Update Mechanism. You will also find Safari updates there for OS X Mavericks 7.1.3 and OS X Mountain Lion 6.2.3.

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