Apple Allegedly Admits: iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA

The following report was taking from an independent news source, original report is available @ National Report. We at HackRead do not take responsibility of authenticity for this news.



As technology is getting more and more sophisticated, users are showing more and more concerns about their privacy issue. They want their gadgets to be safe and secure from any sort of bug or breach that may violate their privacy or may subject them to some liability.

Concerning the fingerprint sharing issue with the NSA, Apple had no clear position about whether they will share the fingerprint database with NSA or not. After hours and hours of trying over the telephone, I finally managed to get through and had a conversation with an Apple employee and got a few answers to my questions.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor has already been hacked, Apple users have something bigger to worry about. An article published by National Report says Apple has admitted the fact that it will share fingerprint database with the NSA as there is nothing unconstitutional about it.

The source quoted by the National Report is allegedly Tim Richardson, the district manager of North American marketing department of Apple, he said that ”of course the merger between the fingerprint database and the NSA database will be made”. The whole concept of having such a security feature in the new Apple phone came from someone inside the government. NSA has been working on a database to make it compatible for use with the Apple’s new technology iPhone 5S”.

The iPhone 5S comes with a feature of backup power which prevents it from shutting down. This featured coupled with the GPS that is built-in will enable the police officers to track the exact location of a criminal. Officials are of the view that suspects will be apprehended only within one month after they have done some act.

The marketing director when asked about the privacy concerns that people have, he said that ”if someone can be foolish enough to allow the use of such specific detail by some unknown corporations or officials, then we are not the only one to be blamed here. In fact it is something being done to promote overall good. The criminals that the officials are expecting to catch through it are quite dangerous”.

”Besides if we have a look at the constitution, there is no such stipulation which allows the use of fingerprints of public against themselves while they have submitted such fingerprints willfully.”

While NSA and Apple may have the complete rights to use such data which have been willfully submitted by customers, some of the consumers are not particularly happy with this idea. A conversation with an old man who is an iPhone user and he said that ‘he likes the new idea because he is not good at remembering passwords due to his age. He also said that despite the ease of the new feature, it comes with a worry of being stringed with murders that I might have done in the 70’s…..Well it’s not actually freedom and its definitely not America”.

Let us know what do you think about the issue? are you satisfied with your fingerprints being shared with the NSA?


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