Apple to give $15 to every iPhone user

How people see Apple is just DOLLARS “$$$” but actually the Apple company is surrounded by many allegations. Earlier, Motorola was busy pushing Apple down and now iPhone users are same line.

The result of the petition signed against Apple is announced and is not supporting Apple at all. The Antenna-gate problem continues to trouble the company. iPhone users know that if they cover the strip around the right side of the phone while attending a call, the signals drop and consequently disconnecting the call. This problem started in 2010 with the release of Apple iPhone 4.

Apple now after the announcement of the result of the petition has either to give $15 cash to all the iPhone 4 users in US or has to provide them with a “Bumper Case”.

US residents who have the iPhone 4 have a chance to get money from Apple which is usually an opposite process (users pay the company) as Apple has to send a reminder about this result ($15 or a bumper case) to every iPhone 4 user through email before 30th April. Moreover, iPhone 4 users will have to visit for the information on how they can claim their money or the free bumper case from the company.

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