skin-case-cover-black-apple-iphone-4-4s-dApple Is now working upon cheaper iPhones, which are said to be sold within the bracket $300 to $400. This particular price is about half as what Apple has set for an  iPhone 5. You might be wondering the logic behind this particular invention? Even, though Apple gained massive sales revenue in the year 2012. Well, we in this article would try to unleash the logic this particular question to you.

Apple during recent year gained massive sales revenue, but, it wasn’t the best of the years for Apple inc. as they found their brand image going down significantly, especially, the events coinciding with the rapid sales recorded by Iphone 5. So, with the New Year just started they want to make a mark in the Smartphone market and want to restore their brand image.

So, Apple decided to do it by the least considered market segment in the Smartphone market. If we see there is quite a massive gap in the market of Smart phones, as still it is way beyond the purchasing power of a massive population around the world. Mr. Foad Fadaghi an analyst says:

“Apple must move sooner rather than later to take advantage of the opportunity”. He said

“Apple needs to address the part of the market that can’t afford a premium product, which in Australia starts at around $800 for an outright phone,” Mr Foad Fadaghi said.

“If they want to fight back against the myriad of Android devices that are on the market, it makes logical sense for a company that’s adaptive to the marketplace to pursue a down-market product,”

One more aspect regarding Apple’s decision could be the fact it might want to increase its Android system’s as it has already been defeated by its rival Samsung during 2012. By, getting iPhone to a larger audience might push the Apple’s Android system demand up.

You might also be wondering how come Apple would be bearing the costs of such an iPhone, as the first launch phone back in 2007 was even higher than that. Well, the Apple would be using cheap material for it, but it is not likely to affect the quality of the phone according to some manufacturers. According to the other rumors, this particular phone is likely to be a dubbed version of previous iPhone 5, which is likely to be smaller in height and could be termed as “ iPhone mini”. Whatever it is we have to wait and see as it is expected to come out anytime in the middle of the year.

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