Apple Watch saves life of 62-year-old man suffering heart attack

Dennis Anselmos

Apple Watch saved the life of a 62-year-old man in Canada who was suffering heart attack — Thanks to Apple Watch’s Health and Fitness feature

Earlier you were warned against smart watches and wearable fitness trackers invading your privacy but now there’s something positive about Apple Watch that is worth sharing.

A 62-year-old Canadian citizen, Dennis Anselmos, was at work when he started feeling sick and decided not to bother his colleagues but when he saw his Apple Watch it was revealed that his heart pressure was extremely high and he’s suffering a serious heart attack. That’s when 911 was called and doctors saved his life.

Dennis Anselmos with his Apple Watch / Image Source: Facebook

Thanks to the Apple Watch’s health and fitness feature that alerted Anselmos before he could lose his life.

“I felt terrible – like I had a really bad flu. I worked for maybe ten minutes but said to my helper I need to sit down,” Anselmos told DailyMail.

He was surprised when he consulted the heart rate monitor in his smartwatch, that was marking 210 bpm . An ambulance was called and he was taken immediately to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for unclogging arteries. According to the doctors, the heart monitor alert had a huge importance in saving his life, if a few minutes more had passed the consequences could have been fatal.

“They told me that if I had gone home and slept — as many people do — I would likely have had another heart attack, perhaps in the middle of the night. The second attack is the one that kills people mostly”, added Anselmo.

It’s due to Apple devices that 11,000 people signed up for a heart disease study in one day, said Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Incidents like this show the potential for wearable technology to help users in emergency situations, and now, a recent patent application aims to take this a step further. The application describes how devices like the Apple Watch and iPhone could be used to detect heart attacks and other emergencies, and call 911 automatically, 9to5Mac explains.

Are there other companies working on live-saving wearables? Well, a Cambridge-based company Empatica is producing gadgets that can help its wearers detect unexpected seizures. So stay healthy guys!

As far as Mr. Anselmos, he’s happy and loving his Apple Watch like never before!

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