Apple Would Require iPhone 6 Sooner then it Thought

The recent launch of iPhone 5 doesn’t provide any new experience for the users, although, it got 5 million sales in a week but this figure would certainly have been doubled if it would be having some innovation in it. With fast changes in technology each day, every brand needs to be pro-active to remain in competition. But,  Apple has some other ideas to be competitive.

Their CEO believes in keeping everything simple and doesn’t likes innovation in their products. This might be prove to be a pretty wrong thought, because of a recent fact in which Apple has lost their Android technology demand by some margin, in 2011 it was 81% to 52% in the year 2012.

Apple is even not even making extension in the version updates of it’s iPhones, you can pick up any two version phones and you find really difficult to find difference between both. With, the world getting more and more competitive this would certainly not help Apple’s cause. Recently, Motorola launched three Android phone with a smashing design and a larger screen display then Apple’s iPhone, the mobile gained a number of consumer within 100 days of it’s launch.

Furthermore, Microsoft has been promoting it’s new Android phone with Windows 8 and has been quite successful in it. So, it can be seen by these two examples how important extensions in mobile devices and innovation has become. Some, might still say whatever the trend tells Apple has achieved quite a lot in comparison to it’s competitors in recent past. But, that’s not true the recent success of iPhone 5 hasn’t been due to it’s features, its just consumer curiosity of consumers which has bought such a phenomenal success if Apple would have added some innovation the success would have been lot more greater.

Though, it is heard that iPad mini is set to come with with a newer screen style and few new features. But, Apple needs to work on it’s devices a little more, especially, on it’s prototype. Otherwise, they would loose their market share and sales quite quickly. They would also need to launch iPhone 6  pretty soon because iPhone 5 has not been a great success and it’s competitors are working hard to gain sale and market share.

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