Argentinian Ministry of Defense Site Hacked, Top Secret Data Leaked by LulzSec Peru

The official website of Argentinian Ministry of Defense was hacked and defaced by LulzSec Peru on 30/12/2012, when the people of the world were planning to how to celebrate their new year eve. 


The hackers didn’t only hacked the websites but also leaked large number of top secret data that is of 100 megabytes in size (compressed) related to internal & external security of the country; such as information on aircraft, radars, submarines and different weapons. The data also contains user details such as names of ministry officials, usernames, passwords and other top secret data. 

According to the ministry of defense:  

The site and the computer system was impossible to hack. 

While the hackers from LulzSec stated that: 

The event (hack) should not be taken as terrorism, was for the simple fact to prove that the system was totally vulnerable.

The link of targeted website:

Mirror of the hacked website:

The leaked data can be found on:

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working online.

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