Armenian Hackers Leak ID Cards, Passports of 5k Azerbaijani Citizens

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The cyber war between Armenians and Azerbaijani hackers is never ending. Just like today when Armenian hackers leaked trove of data containing personal information of Azerbaijani citizens.

Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army hacked into the official website of Azerbaijani customs, stealing highly confidential personal information of 5650 Azerbaijani citizens.

One part of the leaked data folder contains Names, Father name, Surnames, Date of birth, Passports copies, ID cards, Pin Codes, telephone numbers and emails addresses.

Screenshot taken from the leaked data

The other part of leaked data contains resumes/CVs from, an Azerbaijani engineering company.


In an exclusive conversation with hackers, HackRead was told that reason for targeting and leaking such data was in response to the recent attack by Azerbaijani hackers.

“Let them know we are awake and ready for an attack. Our response will always be more painful.”

Other than the custom’s website, hackers also defaced 45 Azerbaijani websites, leaving a YouTube video along with anti-Azerbaijani messages.

“Go to Azerbaijani customs website and try to login with passport ID and its pin code we leaked, we can assure that it will let you log in’’, group told HackRead.

Links of targeted websites along with their mirrors as a proof of hack are available below:

The following screenshot has been taken from leaked data guiding how to login into the custom’s domain to reach user’s personal details.


After scanning the data, we have found it to be legit and highly confidential and sensitive. In order to respect people’s privacy we will not post the leaked data.

Both Armenian and Azerbaijani hackers have a history of targeting each other cyber space. In June 2014, Azerbaijani hackers hacked Armenian President and ministry websites.

There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries and they are still technically at war because of the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and dispute.


We respect your privacy, so the data won’t be shared with anyone. 

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