Armenian Group Hacks Azerbaijan Central Bank, Leaks A Trove of Data

The cyber war between Armenians and Azerbaijani hackers is never ending — Like in this recent cyber attack in which the Armenian hackers leaked trove of data containing banking details of Azerbaijani citizens.

In July 2, 2015, Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army hacked into the official website of Azerbaijani customs, stealing highly confidential personal information of 5650 Azerbaijani citizens.

Same has happened in the recent cyber attack in which the Mortgage Fund sub-domain ( of the Azerbaijan Central Bank website was defaced and customer data was stolen on 11th November 2015.

The hackers behind the attack call themselves the Armenian A.S.A.L.A. group and take pride in publicly leaking the banking details online. 

The deface page uploaded by the hackers on Azerbaijan Central Bank subdomain.
The deface page uploaded by the hackers on Azerbaijan Central Bank subdomain.

After scanning the leaked data, it can be suggested that the banking and personal details of thousands of customers are leaked that include emails, names, phone numbers, email addresses and their passwords. 

The admin login details including hash passwords and domain’s database are also among the leaked data. However, the data is dumped in such a mixed manner that it is hard to scan every table. 

Link of targeted Azerbaijan Central Bank subdomain along with its mirror as a proof of hack are available below:

Both Armenian and Azerbaijani hackers have a history of targeting each other cyber space. In June 2014, Azerbaijani hackers hacked Armenian President and ministry websites.


There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries and they are still technically at war because of the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and dispute.

At the time of publishing this article, Azerbaijan Central Bank subdomain was restored and available online. The customers are urged to contact the bank and complaint about the poor site security.

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