Armenian Hackers Leak Sensitive Data from Azerbaijan Ministry Servers

The cyber war between Armenians and Azerbaijani hackers seems never ending — Like this recent cyber attack in which the Armenian hackers from The Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) hacked top Azerbaijani ministries and stole sensitive data. 

Earlier yesterday, a group of Armenian hackers breached into the official website of Azerbaijani Ministry of Labour and Social protection and The Ministry of Emergency Situations stealing a trove of documents and images belonging to the and registered citizens.

In an exclusive conversation with one of the representatives of MMCA, HackRead was told that the reason for targeting the ministries was to protest against recent incidents at the border in which one Armenian soldier and three Azeri soldiers were killed.

Screenshot shows the data leaked from The Ministry of Emergency Situations
Screenshot shows data leaked from The Ministry of labour and social protection

After scanning the leaked data, it can be suggested that it contains pictures, resumes, family data such as id cards and passport numbers.

Screenshot from one of the leaked XLS files which have been blurred

When we asked the hacker about the vulnerability exploited to breach these servers the hacker decided not to share it with the public. However, he said that the group had access to the Azeri servers for more than a month before getting its IP blocked after the leaked data went public on Facebook.

Both Armenian and Azerbaijani hackers have a history of targeting each other in cyberspace. In June 2014, Azerbaijani hackers hacked Armenian President and ministry websites.

There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries and they are still technically at war because of the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and dispute.

Last month, the same group hacked Azeri Central Bank and leaked banking and personal details of thousands of customers. In July, the group also leaked ID cards and passports details of 5k Azerbaijani citizens.

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